Does the color chart work with Amber and White?

I was wondering what happens if i’ve got a 5 in 1 RGBAW par with the color chart. Does it control the amber and white channel aswel? Or do i have to manually add those in?

Hi and welcome @Herm-Jan
The chart control the dimmer of your device, so if you put at 0% it will turn off all red, green, blue, amber and white.
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From a design point of view, only RGB channels are taken into account to manage the color of the knob

Thats good for sure. But i meant the color chart inside of the group. The choosing of a certain color. Does it automatically adds white and amber?

The color picker select only Red + Green + Blue and it can generate white with this 3 leds on.
But for the specials channels white and amber you have to use this one

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