Error App Photon 2!

Hello, (SorryPlease my Englisch no good)

Thank you for your work, this app is great.
Now I’ve found a buck though, it’s 100% your app. Why am I saying it’s your app? As it doesn’t happen with other apps via PC. Not too bad and you can fix it, that’s why I’m writing to you, your app would only be better together.
To the problem:

No matter what program is running, the devices don’t matter.

An example:

I go to a group “PicoBeam 1 \u0026 2”, are my 2 moving heads, I programmed them into a group in the app.
Go to Custom Control to call a batten I set, for example Program 4 (The device’s own programs are called/controlled with it.).
It also works for a short time and the 2 moving heads run in sync.

error is:

After some time, the app will send an error signal to the devices and they won’t run Sycron anymore.

It runs for hours on the PC with the same interface without errors.
This program also runs for hours on an iPad without errors. Tested with the “DMX Monitor” app, since I only call up/control the device’s own programs.
In order to rule out errors and get the results that it is up to your app.
Please fix the problem, thank you!

Sven Hornung

Hello and welcome Sven !
So indeed thank you very much for reporting this problem, we will try to reproduce it and then fix it.
I think this behavior only happens on a custom control, right?
Do you have any idea of the “error signal” that is sent? Do you have a trace of it in the DMX console?

Also, if you change the mode and then come back to the mode do you have a good operation again?

Thank you very much for your feedback, hope to solve your problem


Thank you for your message.

Yes custom control.

No, I don’t know what the error signal is?

Yes, but after a short time I got this error again.
When I run my setup this error keeps coming, PicoBeam 1 then PicoBeam 2, it keeps going back and forth with the error signal.

The Photon 2 app is awesome and I love it.
You and your team are doing a very good job, that’s why I bought the Photon 2 app to be able to use it to its full extent and you don’t have a subscription model, very nice Pay once and good.

Kind greeting