Fading between colors

I am using midi notes to trigger Photon. Will there be any way that I can easily fade between colors instead of just changing on the beat? Also, any plan to add chases? Thanks


you have different ways to do it :

Then lights will change with fades

Thanks for your response. I am aware that it can be done through sequences. However, I am not using Photon 2 sequences. I am programming each scene in midi (using Logic Pro X). So the midi program sends an on and off command to Photon and that triggers a scene to go on and off. But I can’t seem to find a way to program a fade between scenes.
Can it be done?

This is possible with the second bullet point in my last answer attributing a preset to a button with a fade in fade out time

Got it to work as you suggested. That is great. My next question is, any idea when there will be the opportunity to have a larger Live Dashboard? Mine is full and I would love to be able to add the slow transitions to some songs not all.
Aside from that, I have now done three live shows using Photon 2. All lighting is triggered by a midi file (attached to a backing track). It has worked perfectly. We have gotten a lot of compliments on how the lighting syncs to our show. I appreciate the support from you in answering my questions. It certainly has made a huge difference.