Feature Request (3/28/2023)

Please add a feature where you can control fixtures separate even if its in a group similar to what luminair has. For example if I have 2 spotlight in a group and I want to dim only one or change the color temp, there is no way to do that currently. Maybe you guys can add the ability to add fixtures and individual channels in to the live tab or add another tab or 2 on the bottom one of them called fixtures and the other channels so you can quickly adjust a channel or fixture and it will override the group parameter or even still work with the group but at the adjusted level. I think the Live tab is very limited right now. I understand you are trying to make the app simple and user friendly but I think this is too simple to the point where its unusable when you have a big show using all 512 channels where I need constant live adjustments. One more feature which would be great and put you ahead of the competition is support for controlling smart devices through SmartLife. To conclude I think the app being user friendly is a great thing but withholding features is not the way to do it. I was borrowing photon from a buddy of mine and was thinking of purchasing myself to switch over from luminair subscription based plan which I hate. But I will be waiting because there are some really big drawbacks holding me back from making the purchase.

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