Feature Request: Collaborative Editing


A show can only be designed from one device. Lack of collaborative design functionality makes show programming difficult in some cases.


Allow for collaborative design sessions with multiple devices. Allowing multiple copies of Photon to sync over the network live in a similar manner to what Ableton Link does.


I wonder if the Ableton team will allow you to use their API as a framework of sorts as a starting point for this. I totally admit that my idea/solution is a bit of a edge case. I think not being able to sit in front of a console next to someone makes it challenging to begin with. I am probably one of a small number of designers that use a screen magnifier. To have to turn that off and hand my device to someone else and then re-enable it after becomes time consuming. I’d just like to even that playing field a little bit.

I hope that made sense.

Side Note

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We have already thought about this functionality (which I think would be useful for lots of people) to allow editing and control on several iPad simultaneously.

The problem is that this feature requires a lot of development. We have therefore noted this functionality in the functionalities to be made one day but unfortunately we cannot promise you this functionality for the moment.

Note : I added the Feature Request tag :slight_smile:

Thank you for using Photon and thank you for giving us feedback. Feedback is very precious to us.

Clément Hémidy.

We could definitely use this functionality…we have three iPads as part of our A/V setup, and all three can be used simultaneously to control the digital soundboard, SDI video switcher, etc. It would be very convenient for all three to be able to control DMX lighting simultaneously as well.

Thank you for your suggestion, we already add this feature to our todo list but we don’t develop it yet