Feature Request

Hi Photon team!

First off, huge thanks for an amazing app. By watching some vids on YouTube of lighting control apps, I decided to buy an iPad, Artnet device as well as the Photon Pro license. Love the app!

I have ever since built my dashboard according my liking and the fixtures I own. There are some features that I would love to see in the future. I’ll try and keep them as short as possible :wink:

  1. A “shift” dial - Basically a timing offset parameter for a particular fixture in a preset. Would add so much dynamics to both movements as well as color.
  2. Limitations - currently setting the max dmx value is the only way in setting a limitation i.e max x/y axis movement.
    However, this is not very practical as I need to re-patch the device after changing any DMX properties. Having a limitation per fixture within each group or even in the devices panel would be of so much help. On this note, editing DMX properties without the need to re-patch would also be very awesome.
  3. Developer mode (lol this is overkill but here goes) - Basically having fader parameters for each DMX channel of a fixture. This would particularly helpful in cases where you want to check whether the channel properties you have assigned is operating as intended. Currently adding them all as custom controls are the only way.
  4. The ability to duplicate presets and also copy over to new show perhaps
  5. Movement FX generator or;
  6. Preset Learning - Recording a preset (would help with creating dynamic movement effects)

Not sure if I mentioned something that’s already possible, I am quite new to the app.
So glad there’s a community that exists and that I’m able to part of further developing this app into the next BIG BIG THING!

Thanking the Photon team for an amazing job :heart:

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Hi Alphonso,

sorry for the time to answer you.
We are very happy to hear that, the encouragement really motivates us to do our best for the development of the application. By the way, don’t hesitate to put a five-stars review with a comment on the App Store it will really help us :wink:

I don’t really understand this request, are you talking about an actuator that would trigger something after x seconds? If that’s what you mean, you can do it from a “one time” sequence. But I think you are talking about something else, can you explain me in which use case?

Ok I understand, this allows for example to adapt the use of your show according to the configuration of your room? Do you think we should be able to adjust this at the fixture or group level?

Or we can also just automatically patch the fixture when it has been edited. So you’d just have to edit values of the fixture and save it.

As for the visualization it is possible from the DMX Monitor but it is not possible to control it indeed.

Do you use it routinely or only to check things? We have not allowed this type of control because it goes against the “simple” controls of the group view.

Great idea ! You are not the first to asked for it I think.

This is the feature most often requested by photon users. This is a big step for us because we already need to redesign the fixture creator and fixture database to do this. We need to add the capabilities of a device to make the effects effective. That is to say for example to know the positions of a mooring head (DMX 0 = 0° - DMX 512 = 360°). Then we could make the effects, but we also have many questions:

  • should they be 100 handmade ?
  • Is there any kind of store?

By you some kind of macro recorder that would create a sequence automatically from the touches on the interface? I think that if the effects exist this function will be less useful.

We really try to work with our users whether it’s for ideas, debugging, beta versions or when they show us how they use it. So indeed if you want to continue to help us in the development of Photon you are very welcome!
Once again, thank you very much from the whole team for your very encouraging message, we will note your ideas in our idea box to prioritize them and eventually integrate them in our future developments.
Currently we are working on making Photon work well with iOS16, it’s our priority.
See you soon!

Hi Photon team. It is only a pleasure being part of such an amazing app and the ability of being part of a community where your voice is being heard by the developers themselves. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in reading our feedback and taking our points into consideration.

With regards to your response, I have formulated my response numbered relative to the initial post.

  1. Offset parameter - For example, we have 4 movers in a group, all mapped to unique DMX channels but based on the order of how it is mapped, you’d be able to ‘offset’ each light by a % dial control i.e any subsequent mover does the moves/colour of the first one after x amount of seconds. Let me know if this makes sense, if not, I’ll send a clip of short sequence I found on YouTube.

  2. Limitation - I’d say apply limitation on a per fixture level. If not possible, last resort would be to edit the min/max values. However, this would not allow the user to see the limitation set in action while editing it.

  3. Developer mode - I understand it goes against the principles of the “simple” controls of the group view but would be a cool feature should you introduce a switch between “simple” and “advance” view for group view. This is a stretch, I understand. But would really help in the community building better presets for fixtures.

  4. Dupicate, copy presets into new groups - No further comment.

  5. Movement FX generator - Simplistic speaking I think the basis for the movement generator should be the x and y axis values. This is where the limitation will also come into play and basically tailor the generated movement fx according to the applicable fixture. I hope this makes sense and adds value to my suggestion.

  6. Preset learning - the point you made does make sense. With the effects generator, this would not really be useful.

I would definitely be keen on testing beta versions or even just give my input on a continuous basis. Like I said initially, I really fell inlove with this app and can only imagine what the future holds.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you I understand all your responses.
The first one is very cool, I understand how it could be useful. We have to find a way to rearrange it if the fixtures are not patched in the good order. We have to set this offset parameter for each “properties” (example colors, positions, custom…)?

We will come back to you when we’ll start to develop one on this feature to ensure that we begin in the good way.

How are you using Photon, for what use case ?

Hello @alfnzodj
We just implement in the last release copy/paste of colors and positions and the duplication of presets as you requested. You just have to long press the preset (or sequence) et select “duplicate”. Enjoy !

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This is great news!!! Thanks for letting me know. Hoping to involved more from this point onwards.

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