Finally! I Did it!

After Weeks trying to understand Photon i did it!! I’m like 65% there, but finally i make it work whit virtual dj, Ableton and the iPad Mic, is been a challenge, since is not tutorial out there, but , pressing a button here and another there, I did it, thanks to the people help answering my questions.


Looks great! Can you share what exactly is triggering the light changes? From the video it appears the iPad mic is listening to the music and triggering on every beat/note (but I know there are limitations to how slow the beat can be for Photon to track accurately), or is something programmed into Ableton triggering the changes? Thanks!

Thank you @Tohil for this showcase sharing, this is very good.
How do you plan to use this setup ? For what kind of events ?

It seems you didn’t use the dashboard view, why ?

i have a Dj Night where I Play Global Bass and sometimes Parties whit electro house, Some times I produce big parties whit bands. Some times some speakeasys on a random building, i start using Freestyler, but the less cables the better. I use the DashBoard but , i think i find easy use the virtual push buttons where i first create them. thanks for your work makes easy everything.


Photon whit iPad mic


On this video ableton is triggering the lights I create, (I did have a problem whit my Bluetooth driver is the reason the sound jumps, but still on time.) the lights follows the beat (also, was complicated to set up ableton link since ableton only works whit asio drivers, took me a few days to understand why the ableton link yellow button didn’t appear, and the reason that I find was that the person that created died and now is not free, but I found a patch.)the beat is going at 100ish, definitely is accurate than the iPad mic, but you can only keep the beat whit the sequences you created. I’m triggering the different sequences I create, some of the lights that blinks that are not static, thats why you see are not on time, but they are.(also virtual DJ is awesome accurate on the beat)

Thanks for sharing your experience Photon!
It’s nice to see that it seems to be very smooth and well synchronized.

I can’t wait to see it work in a real room with a real show, I think the result will be very nice!
Bravo for the configuration, it looks good

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