First gig with Photon 2!

I used Photon 2 on a gig this past weekend for the first time and it worked great!
I had a Chauvet GigBar 2 behind the band, and some LED PARs mounted on top of the main speakers, pointed down and slightly back at the band. Being the bass player (and also sound guy), I needed an easy way to control my show from my feet. This was my setup:

On song selection, I use the Bandhelper app to send a gigbar blackout to Photon, a patch change on my Line 6 Stomp XL, and a bank change on a Morningstar MC6. From there, I trigger latched scenes and sequences in Photon during the song by pressing foot switches on the MC6. When the song is over, I select a new song in Bandhelper and the gigbar is blacked out until we start again. Here’s a quick video! Lazy Susan Cover of 'Rocky Mountain Way' by Joe Wash - YouTube


A great setup :slight_smile: nice video

Thanks you


I am also bassist, and in charge of lights with my foot switches.
Hx stomp regular + 2 external,foot switches, connected by usb to my iPad (or cme Widi) for photon.

I wonder why you use morningstar ? You cannot manage all with the hxstomp?

In my case :

  • hx stomp, one song=one preset and One preset = 3nsnapshoots for my sounds and light command. Between each song, I have made one preset for transitions;(hxstomp fS5=next preset)
    *on photon, each song= 2 or 3 sequences (all different) + 1 momentary preset with hx stomp fs4 (blackout without face for,breaks), flashes, …


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Hi Florent,
That sounds like a great setup! I definitely see the benefit of going this route, especially when switching snapshots and lights simultaneously.
I had a few reasons for going the route I did… The first is the 128 preset limit on Stomp XL. By creating a patch for each song, I’d be limited to 128 songs, or at least 128 combinations of sounds and lights. In the current 2 bands that I joined this year, I have about 80 songs in active rotation and a lot more that I’ve played in the last few years. I already use a couple of Stomp XL foot switches to page down and skip songs in Bandhelper, which leaves me with 4 switches remaining, which I typically use in stomp mode. I use snapshots as variations of patches for different songs, to keep my overall number of presets down, as even with this method, there are still some songs that just require their own patches. Lastly, I try to minimize the number of times I need to reach the back row of foot switches as I tend to hit extra buttons accidentally when playing, singing, and stomping switches simultaneously! :rofl:


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