Fixtures in more than one group

Can fixtures be in more than one group?
When I do this I seem to be getting data from the group that appears to be off when I using the second group.


Hi !
Yes you can add your fixture in 2 groups.
It will mix the effects. For example if you put red color on the group 1 and green to the 2 it will produce a yellow color on your fixture

Ah, I’ve asked the wrong question but I think I still have my answer. I was hoping when I put lights in more than one group there would be a LTP or HTP situation where I could overwrite the previous parameters. Helps for intensity to pop them in multiple groups but I don’t have full control of colour in either group if I add them to two groups. Is this right?

Yes it is right, you can’t separate control of colors if you put the same fixture in 2 groups. We don’t have an option to say « last touched color = applied color ».
I was thinking for an alternative to do it with the dashboard but I did have a clue… sorry