Flickering lights

Hi there!
I’ve got a problem where my lights flickers. It flickers a different color very fast and goes back to the static color i put it on. Here you see the led strip underneath the stage turn off and on very fast. ✂️ led licht - YouTube
We also have this with other lights. So it isnt led strip related.
Working with photon 2 pro on a ipad air 2 and connection to a enttec din-ode mk2.

What could be causing this?


Do you have customs properties in the fixture ?

What do you mean with custom properties?

When you create device, do you put customs ranges

I dont think so. I just create a device and add the functions i can choose. RGB, dimmer etc. No custom things.

How do you parameter the node enttec ?

I think everything is factory default. Refresh rate is at 40. Subnet, net, unit at 0. DHCP disabled.

I tried putting refresh rate at 44 but then everything went crazy. So i put it back.

Try to send a trame with photon
Then close photon by kill it (disable wifi on iPad and after eject app) and tell me if continue to flick

Adjust Framerate has normally no effect if photon drop frame
Artnet standard says the last frame is repeated

I finally had time to try this. When i shut off the wifi and close the app the flickering stops. So it might be app related?


Can you share me the project file please