Getting Set Up with Ethernet to DMX


I am working on setting up a PKnight Art-Net Node 1 (CR011R) with an Ipad over direct connection. I have connected the ethernet to an adapter for the ipad (as well as power for the unit), and connected the interface to a DMX lazer (U’king). I have configured the ethernet settings in my ipad settings to match the interfaces IP and subnet. I have also matched the subnet and universe number in photon 2 to the interfaces (and tested 1 up and below), yet I get no dmx signal to my lazer.

Any help is appreciated. I have a gig Friday which I need to get this working for. Do I need to purchase some sort of router to have an actual network? If so what do I need to be able to make this mobile?


Some interfaces can be have an offset of +1

You choose universe 1 on a dmxking (except last models)
You need to choose universe 0 on Photon

If you don’t have switch, some devices need a crossover rj45 cable too
To test this, you can download iSH for example and try to ping your ArtNET device

I just tried connecting to my laptop in the same way and could not ling the device. So if I purchase a network switch and connect both the iPad (or computer for testing) and node to the switch with standard Ethernet cables, I should be able to establish a connection? I am just a bit confused at what adding a switch does to change the situation.

Thank you


You need to fix IP on ArtNET Node,
You can do this with plug ArtNET on internet router and go to management system

So does the ArtNet node need to be connected to a router then? This node allows me to set the IP address using an OLED screen on the node. I am trying to figure out if I need to purchase a router or if I can just run hard wired from the node to my ipad (or node to switch to ipad)? I currently do not have the node connected to any network aside from directly to the ipad or laptop

I was actually able to get it working. I went and bought a network switch and some new cables and once I hooked the switch up to the node and the iPad, then turned the WiFi on my iPad off I was able to get it working. Thank you for the help, I am new to lighting in general, but definitely to Artnet!

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Switch is often required with direct cable
Some interface can accept direct and crossover network cable
Some other only crossover when no switch
Some nothing

Be aware that if you connect your Ipad directy to your dmx device (without switch ou router in between) you need a crossover network cable…

Found this post while trying to figure out how to connect the PKNIGHT CR011R to iPad using Network. I was able to connect and DMX though iPad Lightning to Ethernet Camera Adapter I had a few challenges; took me two days to resolve. Anyway; the hardware workflow is iPad>Lightning to Ethernet Camera Adapter with RJ45>Ethernet Cable (Both Crossover and regular worked)>PKNIGHT/CR011R>DMX Lights. The configuration was odd. I had to add an IP address to Router in setup. The CR011R has an IP address, SUBNET Mask, Universe 1, SubNet 0, and Port Net 0.