Getting small delay on changes


I’m using the free version for testing and I got everything to work, but there is a small delay, smaller than 1sec , maybe half a second on the changes, ongroup view and live. I’ve tried multiple types of connection (Using a router and wifi, using a router and and cable, and with ethernet directly - setting the unicast to the interface’s IP) in all cases I get this delay. I’ve tested in other apps and they switch immediately on presets change and flash buttons. I really want to buy Photon for it has the features I want but I cant cope with this delay =/ even if it is this minimal.

The DMX interface that I use its a generic one (Its the best I could find where I live) but I dont know if it can be the issue since I can get it to work on the other app.

(I’m using it with and iPad Pro 12.9 M1)


Can you test to stream from Photon to this app ‎DMX Monitor on the App Store if delay still here

We don’t have implemented variables frame rates and for some interfaces, it is harder to receive 44 frames per seconds and they overload


Thanks for replying fast!

I’ve streamed from photon to DMX Monitor and there was less delay but I think it’s relative to the number lighting up on DMX Monitor. Then I tested with the other app and there was no delay… so comparing both, photon has a delay.

I don’t know if this is related to the variable frame rate that you talked about, but I’m sending some pics of the DMX Monitor monitored universes.

This Hz number keeps changing. It goes from ~37 to ~53


I do some tests with sample project on lixada moving head

Wired to wired I get a stable 44Hz on dmx monitor of my artnet node

I recorded the two screen and the stage and I get a latency of 30ms (take screen latency in consideration)

Wired to wlan 5ghz oscillations between 41 and 48, latency around 40ms

In broadcast mode, it is not usable if other equipments are connected, artnet will be limited by the slowest device of network

Can you provide me your project file and record the latency
May be we have an issue in a fixture or a specific function of Photon