Getting started

I just can’t wrap my arms around programming. Is anyone aware of a basic video tutorial or other primer? Absent that, I am willing to pay someone for an hour tutorial. I am just trying to have two lights out front of my band and control them with midi-dmx. Funny thing, I stumbled into getting it to work a few months ago and now cannot figure it tour to save my life. I am in the central time zone, US. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Have you seen John’s videos? May be helpful. Photon 2 DMX Light Controller Training Part 1 Quick SetUp But Limited MIDI Control of LED RGB Device (

Thank you. Funny thing, I find john’s videos on Multitracker and a number of other topics very helpful. I had started this one some time ago and, frankly, it was lost on me. Now, having tried to work with Photon-2 for a while, it really clicked. Thanks again.

Hope you got it working? If you still need advice let me know and I can try to help you. I’m on east coast time.

Thanks, I appreciate the offer and will take you up on it if needed. I rewatched John O’Brien’s video on the topic and I think something clicked. We are doing a dress rehearsal this week and hopefully I have a handle on it. Thanks again.