Hard wire ipad connection to dmx box

I’ve ordered the wifi dmx box but while I am waiting to get it I wanted to try the app out by hardwire connecting my iPad to my Dmx box. I’m not getting signal to the box. Is this actually doable?


You can hard wire with rj45 but not with usb direct

My node is an rj45 only node and i have this config
iPad <> us c to rj45 <> switch <> artnet node

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This switch in the middle situation is messy and perplexing. It seems so odd that iOS has been a dominant platform for over 10 years (not to mention how perfect it is for flexible lighting control on a touchscreen/wireless device) and yet DMX interface hardware manufacturers still insist on a standalone or PC based solutions. Get with the times already!

Is there even one solution for going direct from an iPad to DMX controller wireless or wired? I haven’t found one.

I was hoping to go from an iPad > ethernet adapter > ethernet wired to ethernet DMX controller > 3 pin wire to chained DMX lights. This way I can have simple light control for a mobile DJ situation.

Having to add a switch is not terrible, I guess, but it does add more gear to an already bulging rig plus requires another wallwart power supply taking up too much space on limited outlets.