Hello - Photon 2 app

Hi there

Just wanted to say hello, new user, been wanting to run lights from the iPad for many years
I have an old Chauvet dongle and later on the Martin one, both needed to run
on a PC, ran them for many years with a tablet and midi controller manually at the gigs as I am playing
and wanted to program the lights to automate through StageTraxx 3 (backtrack app) but that needed to be sent from the iPad through a midi cable to the other tablet.

I found this PKNight unit and after some (expensive) research I found Photon 2 to give me what I was looking for, at least most of it including running in the background.

Looking forward to working with your app, I have been planning and dreaming about a setup like this since the 90s :slight_smile:


A video review on my youtube channel is coming asap

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I have tinkered with stagetraxx but decided to use Multitracker. They are pretty different but fill the same niche. With MT, I have managed to import a midi file from my DAW and can run tracks and control my lights with a single iPad. I’ve done it at numerous shows without any glitches and it is all done wirelessly through a combination of Bluetooth and WI-FI. The general process is probably similar so glad to answer any specific questions about the set up if you have any.

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I have tried MT and just it didnt work for my needs and workflow.

Thanks for the offer, am for now comfortable with the setup, but will def ask for help should
I get stuck on any level :upside_down_face:

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Yes, ST3, so far, does not have a dedicated MIDI track playback, only midi commands embedded in the lyrics. Correct me if I am wrong. No MIDI track playback = no automated DMX through an iPad.

ST3 has a midi learn interface, using a midi keyboard to record the midi command as you play the song, just like in any daw. Works like a charm.

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Wow! So they added a MIDI track! Nice! That deal about embedding commands in the lyrics was a work around, not like at DAW at all. I’ll have to check it out.

Not a midi track, same as before you embedded midi commands in the lyrics
But you don’t have to write it down, just use a midi controller

This is straight from Stage Traxx 12 days ago.

@stagetraxx12 days ago

Stage Traxx does not have a full midi sequencer. You might be able to record your chords with the midi learn function in the lyrics editor. But depending on the number of chords it might get a bit messy.