HomeKit lighting support?

I have a bunch of Meross smart bulbs (Smart Light Bulbs - Meross Wifi Bulb MSL120BR30) that are HomeKit compatible. I was going to ask about any plans to support Meross bulbs in Photon (similar to Philips Hue), but a better play in terms of programming resources might be to add HomeKit integration, for any HomeKit bulb with the appropriate characteristics (brightness, RGB/HSV/temp, etc.).

Is this feature in the works? There’s currently nothing out there that offers any stage lighting control features for HomeKit. I can’t even synchronize dimmer levels between fixtures.

The main reason I went with Meross over Hue was pricing. For a dozen floods, Hue is $660 vs. $180 for Meross. Plus the Meross are WiFi and don’t require a hub.

For the moment, we’re not implementing HomeKit support, as it’s a very slow protocol that won’t integrate well with Photon due to its lack of responsiveness.
As far as the Hue is concerned, we’ve been able to negotiate access to an exclusive protocol with Philips for very high reactivity. We don’t have the equivalent on Homekit.