How do I release or clear light fixtures?

I have a group of moving lights that I am working on programming presets with and once I make a look I can’t figure out how to release, or clear, or whatever other word you use to zero out a light fixtures functions to its home state. How do I do this? Moving each light/function back to its home state manually can’t be the only way to do this??

I searched the forums and the limited documentation on the website and couldn’t find the answer.


Hi !
There is no option to automatically reset a group of fixture. Maybe you can create a preset « reset » with all properties to « zero » (white, dimmer 100%, shutter 100%, no customs…) ? Then you have to make it once and you can play it when you want to renit your fixtures to create others presets.
It is a tips, I think it can work :wink:

That doesn’t work though. Once you release the preset it reverts back to what the fixture was previously set at. Why wouldn’t there be a way to release the lights back to their zero status? Kind of renders the app worthless.

As an FYI, it does work for me… I have an “OFF” preset that I use when I want the lights all off (dark stage), and I don’t release that preset until I have another one running. Then and only then do I release the OFF preset for reuse. Just leave it active - doesn’t hurt anything

I do stack presets often so it’s not unusual for me to have 2-4 running at the same time anyway. The item I need has already been identified and is being considered for wishlist - another button option that basically releases all other running presets when it activates. That would save me some effort for sure.

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I thought I’d found a work around for this - one preset as default - that is locked so other buttons cant affect it - then a .‘RESET’ button set to solo and set to flash rather than toggle. It works great from the LIVE page - clears all the lights and because its a flash rather than toggle it clears itself too, just leaves my locked default - but when i try to trigger the ‘Reset’ with midi it doesnt work. Does this mean you cant trigger ‘Flash’ buttons from midi or is it a bug?


Hi, it is not normal ! can you please export your show and send it to me by private message ? I will analyse it.