How do you make the Live Grid bigger?

Hi there, I need more space on the live grid. My iPad is only displaying 6 boxes vertically. The screen shot on the app page shows 9. How do we make it bigger?


Hi @Voreis and welcome on Photon community !
Unfortunately you can’t make the grid bigger. The screenshot you have seen on the website is from a 12.9 inch iPad. I think you have a smaller iPad.
In future version we plan to make possible to create multiple dashboards for the same project (with a scroll or something like that) but it is not possible yet. Would you be interested in this kind of feature?

I hope you enjoy Photon and don’t hesitate if you have more questions


I would really like this! I was thinking about how the ipad screen is the limitation ultimately - having multiple dashboards would be awesome. Definitely better than having a scrollbar to see more buttons (prone to error during live performance).

+1 for multiple dashboards!


Yes, I agree, multiple “pages” can be better than scroll.

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Hi ! It could be great to reduce the space used by the title bar (Tableau de bord) to have more space for widgets. Also I would like a way to change the size and move the master fader and the blackout button. I frequently touch it by error during a show, and that’s to really the thing to do !
The text font for labels could be smaller, as the “Master” label is.
Thanks for that great App I used for about 20 live show last year and plan to use even more this year.
I’m currently testing the midi control from an AKAI APC Mini and it is promising …
Have a nice day

  • Jean-Claude

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Salut Jean Claude et bienvenu !
The title size is an Apple interface guideline, we prefer to keep it. However, we had the idea to allow the creation of multiple widget pages, what do you think? It would allow to put more and to organize them.
We’re super happy to hear that you’re actively using Photon.
Feel free to share a photo or video of one of your shows with Photon, that would be great!

Good luck!

Salut Clément :slightly_smiling_face:
I was speaking of the space above the widget area, which could be reduced in height I think .

On the other side, I’ll try to send you some video of a show I did, but not sure, because I was not able to film while managing the show !

  • JC