How to do moovments to beam?

Hay, How I can to do a Moovments (Like Circle, line) to my beams?

Hello, I am not part of the development team of the application and I want you to know that, but leaving you without an answer is a shame.

Last time I checked, an effect generator is still under development which would facilitate this kind of programming.

However it is still not there so we have to do something else. To make it simple if you want to make a circle you just have to create 2 cues, the first one with an x value for the pan, and the same for the tilt and in the second cue also these 2 same values modified respecting the relative value difference between the 2 in order to create a circle.
A line is the same except that you only record the pan or tilt in cues 1 and 2

I think that a person developing the application could bring more explanation

Lucas :wink:

I just so this with a sequence. Set up several scenes where you pan the movers to points around a circle. Set a sequence for those scenes.