How to release control of Hue lights

When I want to end my lightshow, how do I release my Philips Hue lights? I.e. how do I make them go back to their previous state from within the Photon 2 app?

I have the same problem with my DMX lights/effects. They remain “occupied” by Photon 2. The only way to stop Photon 2 from controlling all lights appears to be to delete the fixtures from my show every time. But that can’t seriously be the solution? So please give me some guidance on how to properly “shutdown” Photon 2 without having to set up everything again the next time.


You can duplicate the show, one with dmx fixtures when you use dmx and one with hue fixtures
Lights are attached to a show

For hue if you want the bulbs returns to the state before start of photon, you can configure it in hue app in entertainment zone settings, default to pause


Maybe I did not fully understand - what about the second part? The DMX fixtures?

Plus, of course I want to use hue lights and DMX lights within the same show and still be able to make them go back to normal. Any way to achieve that?