Hue choppy behavior

Controlling 9 Hue lamps with Photon Pro from an iPad 7th gen.
9 faders in Photon, one for each lamp, are fed MIDI cc messages from a DAW and the faders are continuously moving up and down. At first everything is working very smoothly but after a few minutes of playback the fades get more and more “choppy” or “stepped”, as if the resolution of the fades was somehow lower. But looking at Photon there is no visual difference. The faders move smoothly. If I stop playback and move the faders by hand the lamps still fade in a “stepped” way. The only way I’ve found to resolve this is to close and restart the app. But since this is part of an installation where the lamps are supposed to keep going for several hours, restarting the app every few minutes is not an option.

Any ideas about where this problem arises and if there’s anything to be done about it?


I think it is a EDK issue
I already have this with third app
Solved by stop and start the stream (on photon open network settings of photon and close it, it will restart EDK engine

Philips collaborate with us to give new SDK to replace the older EDK