I Can't be the only one with this issue?

Was using Beta 2.6, and according to Testflight that has now expired and won’t run. But the App store shows no new version for download? Are we to load the current 2.5 version from App store for now… have a New Years Eve show coming up, and obviously need the program.

Originally posted over a week ago, but no others have even commented… maybe it is just me?


I ask to push new build of beta


Many Thanks! Happy Holidays

Sorry, I got to this late. I don’t have a test flight invitation, so I have to use the most recent stable version. I don’t even know where to check which version I have LOL.

Thanks for the reply. I had to have the program for my show so re-downloaded the 2.5.3 version from the App Store. It overwrote the 2.6 beta version fine, I didn’t lose anything.