I’m new , and can’t make it work

Hi everyone mostly I learn on you tube,but is almost nothing about photon, I have all my set up art net box cables and router plug but I can’t make anything to work maybe is the maybe is the node IP?? Please help thanks.

Make sure the art net box and photon are on the same universe.

Hello there thanks for your quick response, looks like everything it’s how is supposed to be but nothing happens I have a week trying to figure out but nothing I try all the nodes ips I try to change the wifi up address the network looks like is green but the lights dose t turn on, I have a dmx controller and works just fine. Thanks again have a great day.


This artnet controller seems to be configured first with a chinese software with a windows system
Do you have set this ?

I don’t know how to do that step,sorry for my ignorance I don’t know how to configure the art net box :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Photon works with Art-Net to DMX and sACN E1.31 to DMX interfaces.
Your photo seems to show you have a MCSWE interface.
The USB-DMX512 (non ArtNet) and the MKII Pro (ArtNet) interfaces look similar.
Are you sure you have the proper interface?

I see, I think I have the wrong hardware. Thanks for your response. I will acquired another Interface.

I recommend the DMXking eDMX1 Pro interface. Very easy to use. Plug and Play with Photon after changing Photon’s Universe from 1 to 0.

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Thanks for all your help here I really want to get the full app I thinks is the best app on all the App Store, I spend all ready a few bucks and I find this PKnight 2.4g wireless wifi Dax plug mini size using artnet. They said work perfect whit photon, I don’t know if you know about this hardware?? Thanks for all your time.

I’ve seen the PKnight but I don’t own one or know how well it works with Photon. I looked around for any documentation for it but I couldn’t find anything.

I went with the eDMX1 Pro for Photon because others have used it successfully and it was very easy to connect.


I appreciate your response I will be getting one and I will post here the results, thanks to be responding very quick photon will be my forever DMX controller.

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