I would love cue lists

Hello! I posted in the general forum, but earlier today I decided to bite the bullet and just buy that app as I think it’s a great deal as is.

I would love to be able to use a cue list, and a cue playhead. where you can hit a go button and activate the next cue, etc, with the possibility to either allow a cue to stop and wait until go or to link cues with auto advance.

That’s the major thing that I feel like is missing right now from Photon.


Novice here… Could you describe what a cue is in relation to lighting? Photon seems to have both presets and sequences (timed multiple presets) that can be triggered on the Live Screen or via MIDI. How is a cue different?

So a cue is more typically used in theater. It’s sort of like a preset, but it’s in a long list. you might do a show that has 500 cues. house lights then “Go” to make the next cue go to opening act, and “go” to activate the next one which is a special effect for a witch coming on stage, then “go” to go back to a different one, etc. but it’s the list functionality and ability to “go” or “pause”, navigate it up and down, and add times for how long they fade in or out, or link one to the next (like automatically advance after 5 seconds, etc).

This is different that the way they implemented sequences, which are more like effects for a light. Another program on Mac called LightKey lets you take the presets and sequences and then combine any number of them into a cue, which is a great way to do it.

Did that make sense?

I understand. Thank you for the explanation. It could almost be accomplished if the sequence feature didn’t only allow you to set the amount of time for each preset (beats or seconds) but also allowed a “wait for user input” feature so you could step manually through a sequence you designed?

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yes. They typically also allow you to set fade in and fade out times for all lights coming on/off.

I’m also interested in this feature. Sequences allow to set a fade time. Do you mean that you can set a variable fade time, for example by using midi, so you don‘t have to pre-configure it?

That’s one idea, though what i meant is a different up time and down time for lights coming on and lights going out. It’s not a big problem if that isn’t included, but Cue lists themselves would be very nice.

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