Icons and dashboard

hello, I have two small suggestions related to my personal use.
I mainly put the photos of my equipment in the background of my buttons and I am embarrassed by the obligation to put icons which partly masks the image behind, would it be possible to leave the possibility of not putting icons on the buttons?

And if it is possible, I never have enough space on the dashboard, could we have the possibility of creating several and swipping between them

here are some pictures to illustrate my words


You made a very beautiful dashboard !
I understand your need, I add this suggestion in our todo list, it seems to be easy to do we will add it.

Thank you

In the next release of Photon it will be able to remove icons from presets, sequences, dashboard’s buttons and sliders

Love those icons ! Would have to copy that idea :bulb::bulb:

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The new version of Photon 2.5.2 is available and allow you to remove your icons.
Tell me if it works for you.

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it works, thank you very much! here is the rendering that I will still modify :hugs:


do you think it is possible to add new pages? I find that one is quickly restricted with only one

Very nice dashboard, I’m loving it :heart_eyes:

The feature is on our todo list.
We will add it in 2023.

I would make a youtube video to show the light control and what I did with my setup, I would show how to make these own fixtures then how to configure these scenes. I think it can interest a lot of people, especially in France, with a lot of djs who are just starting out and who still have trouble with dmx. This application is a simple solution to set up while having a beautiful rendering!