Implementing a timer function


I try to control a hazer that only has a single channel. It controls off and amount (dimmer) without any timer. I added a button to Live Dashboard that turns on and with fade.out (logarithmic) in order to run the hazer for 20 sec, which is max. fade-out time (would be nice if it was longer). Is it possible to make a timer that enables the hazer periodically with a duration. As an example activating the hazer every 5. minute for 20 sec

Hi @Jellybeanz !
Yes you can do it with a sequence. I did it to trigger fog with a fog machine 10sec every minutes.
Then you can put this sequence in a button on the dashboard.

You can apply a logarithmic fade if you want for your case.

Is it what you were looking for ?

Thank you for the reply. It was exactly what I was looking for. It works flawlessly.