Including a sequence as part of a sequence

Currently, when creating a sequence I think you can only add presets. However, it would be great if you could also add a sequence (of course it would run only once in this mode). For example, I have a sequence in which all my PARs individually “chase” around the stage (one at a time very fast). I would like to add this behavior as part of a larger sequence but cannot. Maybe for the “next beta”? Thanks!


It is a good idea, we just added it to our todo list. It is a sequence of sequences and presets

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Just following up to see if the “sequence within a sequence” feature has bubbled to the top of the to-do list? :wink:

Hi, how are you?
Just so you know, we’ve got other priorities like multi-dashboard and effects. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be integrating sequences into sequences any time soon. But it’s still on our todo list.

Keep the dream alive Clem! Just sayin’.

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Be a great thing to do. I have a couple of sequences and it would be good to be able to run them one after the other and have some other presets in between.

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