Internal Clock to time lights on and off at night


Is there an internal clock available where we can set certain lights to go on and off at certain times? Or is this something that could be implemented?
I would love to be able to turn on our church outside lights when it’s getting dark and turn them off at night to save some energy.

This trigger timed function is not available in Photon. You can try to create 24 hour sequences, but it won’t be very practical since you have to define them in seconds. Tell me if this can meet your needs?

That would be an interesting work around for sure. I get this wouldnt be a option that would be used alot by everybody. So asking if it could be implemented would be irrelevant :joy: thanks for the reply and welcoming me on my other post. I’ll buy the pro version friday once i setup my art-net.

I have not looked into this and have no idea - but if iPad has some way to send a MIDI command based on it’s clock, you might could do it this way as well.


interesting idea. Ill look into this for sure.