Ipad mini 2 sound problem


I am writing to you for the first time. I run your application on an older iPad Mini2 - iOS 12.5.1, which I use exclusively as a light and at the same time a sound console. Until recently I have used another application for lighting. Your application got my interest since there are several options for setting up your own accessories and sequencer options. I use rotating heads, RGB led PAR, animation laser and DMX Haser. I have set up all the devices separately and they work flawlessly. As I mentioned before, I also use an iPad to play (stream) music via Bluetooth and at the same time to control the lights via WI-FI. Synchronization via Ableton Link also works reliably (Split View mode).

However, the only significant problem for my use is that the application switches the played audio output to the internal speaker at startup and it is not possible to switch it back to Bluetooth in any way! I tried to play audio directly through the iPad and through the application I use (Cross DJ) but it didn’t change or fix anything. The application I used before didn’t have this problem, but it allowed you to use a microphone to sync when playing audio. (I used Ableton Link to sync)

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

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Hi Boris and welcome on the community !
I am very happy to notice that you like Photon.
Your use case seems to be normal but it’s not possible yet to enable the mic without activate internals speakers.
I understand that it is a problem. We will add it to our development TODO list for a next app version.
Now, we will launch a huge new Photon 2, we worked hard from a year. So we are not able to include this new feature quickly…
We will keep you in touch when it will be released.

For my culture, what is the name of the app you used before ?

I hope you will continu to enjoy Photon (without this feature for the moment :confused: )

Thank you for the quick reply! I guess I was wrong. The photon application on my iPad switches the sound to the internal speaker even if the microphone is not enabled. I don’t really need a microphone because the music syncs through Ableton Link. I’m looking forward to the new Photon2. Boris

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Sorry!I Also copied the translator!

Yes I understand but the beat detection algorithm continue to analyze mic sounds even if you select Ableton or Manual mode. We have to fix it but it is not so simple.

Hi there, any news on this? Was trying to use an audio app via Bluetooth on an M1 IPad Pro. Same issue. Would be great to be able to disable the beat detection completely so this isn’t an issue. I’m working in theatre so never use it. Thanks

Hello! I don’t have any new information yet.