IPad: which is best

Hello. I’m looking to get an iPad purpose specific to running lights with Photon 2. It will likely be a 8th generation or a 9th generation. They are either 64 GB or 256 GB. Trying to keep the cost down. Does Photon 2 use a lot of memory that warrants the upgrade to 256 GB or will I be happy with the 64 GB version?

Photon itself uses 40,2 Mb of space. I have six shows (but not very big), and I only use 53 Mb of space, shows and the app together. If you use your iPad only for Photon, 64 GB are really enough. There are other lighting apps that use much more space, StageLight has 280 Mb and Luminair more than 2 GB.


Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated!

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