Ipad with photon and Songbook+

I’m a musician that play in a Duo, I need to control my lights and moving heads using my iPad,
I wonder if you can help me how to do it with Photon?
I use an app Songbook+ to see lyrics and also to trigger a video file at each song, I need to be able to for example trigger Photon DMX scenes with some midi command or midi message sent from Songbook+ to Photon on same ipad?
is this possible?

Best regards

Rui Ferreira

Any help or any ideas please?

I use a different program than Songbook (BandHelper), but as you mention it is on the same iPad as Photon2 and Bandhelper does send Midi commands to change light scenes. Works very well. A quick search on Songbook seems to indicate it will send Midi on Song open, so that should work for you.