iPadOS 16.6 update issues?

All of a sudden Photons sACN control has stopped working. I get no activity on the DMX-AN2 interface, whereas, before, the blue LED indicating DMX traffic would start pulsing as soon as I opened Photon. No changes to the network, all those settings are good, the DMX-AN2 is working as I can control it from other sources.

The only change I know of is the iPadOS 16.6 update. Is anyone else running 16.6 successfully?

It inexplicably started working again, after sitting doing nothing for an hour or so. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hi !
Thank you for your report, please keep us in touch if it persists. If it is an issue due to iOS 16.6 we have to fix it quickly.

Thanks !


I have some networking issues since iPadOS 16.5 specially if router has dual band or third band ssid, roaming between bands is not fast, iPad jump between bssid and multicast of sACN shutdown, so I created a unique band ssid (on 5ghz) and no issue.

I have a lot of issues since 16.5 not only on Photon, HDMI output is broken sometimes, usb to rj45 is broken and works only once after a reboot, and a lot of battery drain
Problems still here in 16.6…

I had to create a shortcut to reboot quickly iPad when problems occur

I hope they will fix in minor update of iPadOS or in iPadOS 17

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No problems with it for me. 1 year old iPad Air, if that matters.