Is it Possible to have a Device in more than one group?

I have a couple of moving heads. I’d like to put them all in one group for most scenes but there are times when I need to control them all individually or in pairs. I tried creating a group with all of them and then one group per device. I ended up getting some really weird behaviors when trying to aim the lights individually in order to create a preset for the one light alone.

Hi @ERMedic !
Yes you can but properties will be merged.
For example if you fixture is in 2 groups, one yellow and the other red, your light will be orange.
It is a « merge » logic for each properties. I’m not sure it is really want you need. What can of behavior would you prefer ?

I have two moving heads lights, and put each one in a group by itself. Then I created presets and sequence to control them together to move around the stage, and created other presets to have one or both act as spots to hilite certain performers.

I don’t know if this answers your question, but on the Live page I can run a sequence for the movers going all around the stage, then can ‘overlay’ any of my spot presets so that one or both movers point to one performer (if only one spot is programmed, then the other mover continues to move around the stage). I turn the ‘spot’ preset off and the underlying moving sequence continues. Very flexible…

@zionplayer @Cclleemm
Exactly what I need to do! Control my moving heads individually as they are all aimed at different locations BUT all of the other fixure settings remain the same. For instance, I’ll have two heads aimed at different locations but colors, shutter, modes are all the same. It is painful to have to program these same settings from fixture/group to fixture/group one at a time to create just the one preset.

Sure, and wasn’t too bad to program really. Just remember on the preset where you want to do only movement, only have the movers active for the preset and activate only the xy properties of the movers. Everything else runs per the underlying preset or sequence when layered, only the movement changes.

I have both - the above setup, for example, where I can change my movers to move around the crowd instead of the stage, all other properties remain like color, brightness, flash or no, gobos, etc. Then I have several presets where the movement and the color of just the movers change to be a white spotlight on a chosen stage location

Again, all of my other lights (around 25 of them) run per the original preset chosen, I just layer the movers-only in these scenes - some just for movement and some for movement and color, flash, etc.

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OK. same page. I better get started