Is the app only for one user per app? Or can I use it on other iPad aswell?

My question was how many users are possible ?

Is the app only for one user per app? Or can I use it on other iPad aswell?

Or it’s linked thru my Apple ID ? So if my company wanted to use it , they have to buy a whole new subscription thru a different iPad or can they use my info?

I do notice we don’t have a key or anything so I don’t see sharing possible? Guessing it’s locked to per Apple ID? One Per Person type of thing ?

The license is linked to your Apple Account ID. You can share the app if you use the Apple Family sharing but it is not possible for your company.
If your company have more than one iPad, it can use the same Apple Account ID to pay the app only once.

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Sounds good

And let’s say we have two events that day

And me and my partner both use different iPads at different events but use my Apple ID on both iPads .

Will we both be able to use the app at the same time without having any problems ?

If that’s the case I don’t mind signing in to all our iPads with my login

Yes you can run two Photon at the same time with the same Apple Account ID. It won’t be a problem.
But to be honest with you the Photon team would prefer to have one purchase per user :wink:

I am evaluating Photon 2 for purchase. It will need to share shows between iPads. I don’t see how to do this in the documents or in the sample program?

You can share the shows by AirDrop. When you open Photon, you can tap the select button in the left corner, select your show and share it with the share-menu.

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Thank you, that helped. When you share shows does it also share the fixtures set up as well?

I tried it. I shared the show with custom devices by AirDrop to my iPad without the custom devices. The show appears, including the custom devices, the groups are also the same. The devices don‘t appear under the category „My custom devices“, so they cannot be patched in another show created on the second iPad, but they are included in the transmitted show.


Thank you for investigating. Appreciated!

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