Issue: sequences/scenes playing at the same time

My app has been doing something weird recently. When I’m launching sequences in the Live view, when I have more than 1 scene or sequence selected, instead of just showing the most recently selected one, it is now showing both of them at the same time. So now in order to avoid this, I have to deselect the the previous scene and then select the new scene. This is very frustrating as it did not used to behave this way. Is this a bug?

Hello jesseseetai,

Overall in the application, the different buttons are added together, considering the last button with 100% opacity. If you have a first button that puts on red and a second that puts on green (last touched), then the color green will take priority and will be displayed. On the other hand if you have a first button which turns green and a second button which changes the shutter, the two will be added and the two modifications will be visible.

The logic applies to buttons that also contain sequences.

I’m not sure it’s clear, don’t hesitate to ask me for additional details.


Additionnaly, can you share with me your project (export project to phos on project page) in case there is a problem.


it never used to act this way, it’s only started doing it in the last couple weeks. was there an update or something that changed the way things function?

Yes we have fixed a bug on sequences who can explain the comportment you have before.

We have planed to create linked buttons or grouped buttons, when you activate one, we disable other buttons. This feature can meet your need ?

yeah I think a mode where when you select one button it deselects the other would be a good option

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