LED Bar with different segments not adjustable

I have a HQ Power LED Bar with 3 segments and 13 channels.

CH 1 Function selector
CH 2 Red dimmer
CH 3 Green dimmer
CH 4 Blue dimmer
CH 5 - CH 13 Adjustable brightness from segment 1 to 3 in RGB

If I create that in the App I can control the Function and the dimmer for the different colors. But I can not adjust the different segments…

Is that not possible?

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I have a Chauvet 4 in 1 and I create one master device and 4 sub devices
My master device set the global dimmer and shutter properties
Subdevice has one rgb property
I mapped one master and four subdevice
I mapped one in a global group and two si device left and two si device right

Photon doesn’t really support this natively, so they are not in global database

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Yes that works.
Thanks for your help.

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I have some RGB LED battens I made and wanting to do a similar thing. I have used Lightkey in the past on the Mac and I just setup a barren them I can control the different sections of leds to have different colours / chases etc along the battern.

Is that possible?


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