Led Spot Light device

Can some one gide me on how to set up a device with the following parameters? Need to program CH 1 to 5.


Hello !
What is the manufacturer and the model of your light please ?

It doesn’t say… 30W RGBW LED DMX512 Stage Lighting Pinspot Beam Spotlight 6CH DJ DISCO Party KTV


This device is into Gwendoll manufacturer :wink:

Hi djgreg13,
not sure to understand… should I install it as gwendoll device?

how can you program the parameters that are in the attached to set up a device? can u help me?

On the main screen (light control) go to « devices » screen at the top left hand corner.
Then in the list you can select the gwendoll manufacturer and select the device then map the DMX address.
When the devices is mapped you can come back to the main screen and add your device in the group selecting it with the button at the bottom of the group knob. Then you can control the device.

If you want to create your own device (with the attached setup for example) go to devices panel, touch the + button at the top left hand corner and touch the button to create your own device.

Do you want screenshots to help you ?

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks CClleemm

I was doing that but I don’t know how to program when you need to use 2 lever for the same instruction . for example in the attached can you tell me how to dim the colours? Red for example!

it will really help full if you can show me with this example (attached file) how to do it and then I can program my other 5 lights that are not includes as generic par 36 or OPPSK Stage Lighting by Gamut Par Lights 4in1

Yes because after research, it’s a gwendoll device

The current version does not support two instructions on same channel, so when i created gwendoll, i used dimmer and virtual shutter because i can’t use the real shutter/strobe command.

We are in the backlog the support of these two commands dimmer/shutter on same channel

ok can you guide me a little bit more… in the case that I want to set up red to dimmer and strobe in the instructions says:

CH 1
0-8 no effect
9-134 Red, Green, Blue, White from dark to bright
135-239 Strobe speed, from slow to fast
249-255 CH2 - CH5 effect
CH 2
0 red light keeps dark
1-255 red light form dark to light

What do I have to do?

My response are in bold and italic

CH 1
0-8 no effect
9-134 Red, Green, Blue, White from dark to bright → create a dimmer propery on channel 1 from 9 to 134
135-239 Strobe speed, from slow to fast → No possible on Photon today, because it is the same channel
249-255 CH2 - CH5 effect → Nothing, this program is not supported
CH 2
0 red light keeps dark and 1-255 red light form dark to light → it is a red property setted in ch2 from 0 to 255
CH3 is for the blue and CH4 for green
CH5 is a white property
I added a virtual strobe while Photon doesn’t support strobe on same channel than Dimmer
and finally i put a static at 0 for ch6 because, the other values are opposite to the photon philosophy

The colors are managed by colorwheel :wink:

Thanks a lot I’m travelling now I will test it over the weekend. Thanks

It doesnt work I got just a white light that I can dim… no colours


Can you share project with us ?

it’s working now I just program everything but the white light and its working! thanks

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