LEDBar Problems

Hello Comunity:)

I have 4 LED Bars with 16 segments. For the posibility to make my own chaser, i use the 48 channel mode (RGB Dimmer for each segment) and Build for every Segment a Fixture.

Now to my Problem: when i make a Dimmer on 100% the Segment is Not on Full Power…

Anyone the Same problem and have a Idea or a workaround for this Problem?

Thank you and sry for my bad english

I fix the Problem, i want to make „mastergroups“ and then you have to make the Dimmer 100 in each group… so i have to make all again :confused:

Hello !
Yes, if you set the same fixture in 2 different groups, Photon will merge informations of each groups.
I don’t remember what is exactly the rule for the dimmer but for colors :

  • group 1 : green
  • group 2 : yellow

if your device is in the group 1 and 2 the device will be orange