LIFX & IKEA home smart

I don’t use Philips lights I had several issues with pairing in the past so I left it for LIFX fixtures and IKEA smart bulbs and sockets and I’m very happy with Rhodes especially with the LIFX ones which don’t need any physical gateway unlike the Philips ones

Hello @Gael and welcome on Photon community !
For the moment the app is not compatible with others smart lights. We choose Philips Hue because it offers a Entertainment mode that allow the bridge to send high frequency messages. Others smart lights can accept only few messages per second.
Control smart lights slowly can also be interesting and maybe we could add HomeKit support for example. But you have to know that you will not have the same reactivity than Philips Hue Entertainment
Are that bulbs compatible with HomeKit ?

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Hello Cclleemm.
Yes, IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs are compatible with HomeKit, if used with an IKEA device that is equivalent to the Hue Bridge.
Greetings from Poland.

sorry but Photon is compatible with Philips Hue only and DMX devices . You can’t use the app with IKEA TRÅDFRI.

It would be awesome if it supports HomeKit so we could control almost any light

For the moment we don’t integrate HomeKit because it is not a real-time system. It is very slow but we understood that it can be interesting for some use cases. It is not our priority but we keep it in our todo list