Light organ effect

I failed to create an effect like an light organ = steering the dimmer (maybe also the color) with the intesnity of the music. my customer in the video studio want a retro disco effect.
really missing a manual for your App - for me (not an expert) means this a lot of time and try and error.
could you help me?
kind regards

it is not possible for not to create an organ effect, you can simulate it with a “sequence” in Photon with fade transitions but it will not be exactly synchronized on the music intensity.
You can try to create presets (with colors and dimmers variations you want to have) and link it in a sequences with fades transitions. Then you can sync it with tempo or seconds (which is not really what you are looking for). Otherwise, you can create a button on the dashboard with “flash trigger” and with fade IN/OUT to trigger it manually on the music intensity.

Of course it could be a very good effect to do it automatically and I understand your need.
We don’t have any manual except a tutorial video for the hardware configuration on Youtube. We are going to create some “capsule videos” to explain all Photon concepts like : groups, presets, sequences or dashboard. You are many to ask us for this manual and of course it is not very simple to use it when you are not an expert. If you are lost and if you have another question don’t hesitate to open a new topic.

Thank you for you interest for Photon, I hope you will enjoy it.
Co-founder of Photon