Live Dashboard Size between iPads

Hi there. I created a dashboard with my iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd generation. I airdropped my show to my iPad Pro 10.5 inch successfully. However several buttons on the bottom and right side of the Live Dashboard are missing. Is there a way to scroll and see them?

When I Airdrop to my other iPad some of the buttons end up in the top left corner of the Dashboard, on top of each other - edit and see if you can move one to reveal?

For the moment a screen size downgrade is not implemented. We will think for it when we will add the « multi dashboard » feature

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Do you know when this feature will be available? My current live dashboard is completely full!

Hello !

Also for me, for my cover band, I have 2 to 4 presets or sequences per song, so I cannot place all in one show…
This update would be really appreciated as soon as possible !

Florent from France