Live mode not working since 2.3

Hello. My Live mode buttons and faders stopped working since updating to 2.3. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi !
Can you tell us more ?
Do you have a video of the problem ?
Is it a problem with the DMX emission of all the UI doesn’t change ?
What do you control with your buttons ? (Preset, sequences or properties)

Thank you

Hello, my buttons still seem to work but my faders don’t. The UI does change but it has no effect on the DMX channels. I also can’t see changes in the DMX monitor when changing the faders.

I just use these faders for DIMMING my groups. I can still dim the groups through the Light Control tab but not through the Live tab.


Can you provide us your project please ? With export to file

Photon (1 show).phos (302.7 KB)

Thank you very much for your feedback. With your help we found the problem and we fixed it.
The app just be submitted to the Apple validation process. The 2.3.2 version will be released tomorrow in the App Store. :muscle:

Thank you for the instant support and fix :wink:

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The version is released. Tell us if it is working well for you.

All working fine now. Thanks!