Live Triggering from a Keyboard

I would like to trigger a Photon Preset on/off from a particular note on my Roland Juno DS keyboard (connected via USB). When I go into the live screen and edit a button to capture the triggering MIDI message I can see the Note MIDI message is captured (including which note, velocity on/off when I press/release). However, when I later press the same keyboard note the Preset doesn’t trigger. It’s almost as though if I happened to capture a Note E2=ON, Velocity=79 (for example) MIDI message, unless I happen to press that EXACT same note/velocity combination, Photon doesn’t respond?

Do you have the button action set to Toggle Or Flash?

I have the same issue on a controller with its keyboard. I‘m using this one: MIDI Keyboard APC Key 25 With Clip Launching | Akai Pro

It is set as Toggle, but I remember that Flash also didn‘t worked.

Flash won’t work unless you keep the key pressed down.

I’ve tried both flash and toggle but I’ll try again. I actually only want the preset (all RED in this case) to be on while the note is depressed. For context, there is a common note between the two intro brass band chords of Land of 1000 Dances (Wilson Picket).

Another thing to try is to turn off real (touch sensitive) velocity so the velocity is always the same no matter now i press the note…

Hi guys
There is an issue with midi channels

Photon is fixed to midi chan 1 only in 2.3.2
It will be fixed in next release

Thanks for the info. This is why Photon can see and save a channel 2 Note message but won’t react to the same message?

Gui and dmx driving are two different components with a bridge for information exchange
On gui there is no error with channel reception
But on driving component we do a mistake and forced channel 1 and ignore all other. On pre release this limit was dropped