Livemode problem with sequence


I hope someone can help me troubleshooting the following problem.

I created 3 groups, 5 presets and one sequence. Playing the sequence in “Light Control” is working fine without any problems (visually in the app - not tested on fixtures). After switching to the “Live”-dashboard I added the sequence. With the click on the sequence in the top right corner you can see the three groups with the assigned color from the preset.

After starting “LIVE” mode and clicking on the sequence there is something wrong. As you can see the three groups are not there permanently with the assigned colors.

As I said. I didn’t test it on fixtures. But the visual problem here should be enough for a fix. Obviously just if it’s not a stupid configuration error by myself.

I uploaded the video with everything you could need. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Jonny
I understand your problem.

When you create a preset it concerns some properties.
On your example :

  • the preset 1 concerns : color, dimmer, shutter, position and customs properties
  • the preset 2 concerns : color, dimmer

Preset icons show what is controlled by your preset.

When you active Live mode all group’s properties go to “zero”. Then, you can activate presets or sequences that will apply theirs properties.

When you run the Live mode :

  • dimmer = 0
  • shutter = 0 (light off)
  • color = white
  • position = centered
  • customs = no

When you applied your sequence, preset 1 will override all this properties but not the preset 2. So, your are not setting a shutter property that still keep the value to 0.

You have 2 solutions :

  • create a preset that concern only shutter of all your groups to set it to 100% on your dashboard before applying your sequences
  • create a sequence from presets that set all properties

It is not very simple to explain, I hope you could understand me :slight_smile: