Locking settings from employees

Hi - I am using this for a business, and I have all of my presets and scenes set up. Is there a way to lock the light control screen (other than “Live!” mode), to avoid employees accidentally (or purposely) editing the settings? Thanks!

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Hello !
Do you want a full lock : no possibility to touch all buttons, not only in edition but also for preset activation ?
With a 4 digits code for example ?

Hi! Yes - I do not want instructors to be able to use the dials but rather just the master button and the buttons at the bottom of the screen that show the presets and scenes. I am finding when I use Live mode, things are still getting changed. For example, if someone turns up a dial in one pre set, it will carry over to another, and I do not want that. If you have tips, that would be awesome!!
Thank you

First of all, I‘m also interested in this feature. My workaround for the moment is the use of the iOS/iPadOS feature „guided access“. It is possible to select areas that shouldn‘t react on touch inputs. Here is the link to the apple article, maybe the feature helps you for the moment: Use Guided Access with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support

We are using Guided access in the meantime.

Thank you! This is very helpful!