magicBoxDmx cheap hardware interface

Hi Guys

if you are looking for a good Hardware interface to connect with photon

a special price for all the photon’s users


I will try it soon and I’ll give you a feedback :wink:

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What is the special price for Photon users, and will this work with Photon on an iPad?

Hi All

It depend of the shipping cost, but the price is about 75 Euro.
It works well with every ArtNet application, Photon included.
I Sent one unit to Clement, but i don’t know if he used it.
If you are intrested you will send an email directly to the web site

Thank you

Hi Cclleemm,

Have you had a chance to check this unit out? If yes, could you please share your experience?


Hi @ButterBeard, it is @clemh78 who tried it. I let him share his experience :smiley:

Hello @ButterBeard,

I’m so sorry not to have given you my feedback !!! Of course I tested it! This small interface is very easy to use (supplied with instructions) and works well! I just experienced some latency during my tests with Photon (more than with a Dmx King interface anyway) Do you have any idea where this could come from? I may have missed something :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for sending us a copy.

Latency? Maybe you are talking about milliseconds. I never tried dmx king interface, but with magicBox i never seen this latency. I’ll shere you my experience with a little video. Remember magicBox is fully wireless interface, no cable between the pc/mac and the unit.

Yes the time between the button press on iPad and the changes on the light.

With my Dmx King interface I also behind wifi router.

I try to make a little video soon to share with you what i talking about :slight_smile:


This is my easy Experience

I prefer this solution no Router and no Ethernet adapter, and in the same area you can use more unit and remove the cable between the moving head.