Manual Color Channel Value Entry

Just purchased the Pro plan and have been setting up custom fixtures and presets for shows. Can’t seem to find a way to manually specify RGB values for color channels (have to use the non-precise color wheel) unless I create fixtures with custom channels for colors. Am I missing something? Seems like a pretty big oversight?

I guess creating custom controls for color channels is fine, but then I miss out on certain transitions working properly, as well as dimmer capabilities for my 3-channel fixtures.

Let me know if I am indeed missing something or if this feature could be added in a future release. Thanks!

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Hello and welcome to the photon community!
Indeed for the moment it is not possible to adjust precisely the colour of the lights. Only the colour wheel is available. If you use the custom controls you will lose the transitions. I’m a bit curious, what’s your use case? What frame are you using Photon in?
We are going to add a copy/paste function of the colours between the groups of the app to select exactly the same colours between different groups. This version will be released next week.
We could indeed add more precise colour functionality, what form would this take? A typical RGB code: 255, 255, 255?

Thanks for your support and your purchase of Photon,
See you soon

Thanks for such a quick response!

I’m transitioning from an old Mac-based DMX via USB setup (with TouchOSC on an iPad) to strictly using Photon on an iPad with an Ethernet ArtNet → DMX node. My main use case is easily copying over presets from that old setup to the new. I have a TON of RGB presets for the shows I run (live music venue, and we host a lot of burlesque and dance nights as well), and the only precise way to recreate those is with custom controls at the moment. The much longer way is to make adjustments with the color wheel, then check the DMX Monitor to see how close I got to the values I want. Not ideal.

So, maybe a fringe use case just for initial setup, but precise controls are something I’d definitely use for new presets as well.

That new copy / paste feature releasing next week will definitely help with this, though!

Thanks for such a great product. Thoroughly enjoying working with it so far.

Oh, and yes - 0-255 (or even 0% to 100%) for RGB would be fantastic if you were to add the feature. Thanks again.

  • 1 for 0 to 255 (much rather that than 0 to 100% - personally) cos that is the format that ALL DMX fixtures understand - for ALL functions not just colours. Much easier for copying specific functions from manuals etc or from older controllers or software. Converting from 0 - 255 to 0 - 100 is just an unnecessary pain - my humble opinion. :slight_smile:
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