Mapping Panel Issues

Issue with the Mapping Panel. I mapped out all of my fixtures with their assigned channels so I could use them in a show. I built groups with the fixtures and it worked ok. The next day I needed to make some channel address changes. When I selected a device to edit in the Mapping Panel the names of all the fixtures started changing. So, for example, when I clicked on Leviton Bal Back 2 to make an edit it opens as Swarm 5 FX. Swarm 5 FX opened up as SlimPAR 64 RGBA and so on. It also made what appeared to be a duplicate Leviton Bal Back 2 but when selected it was a different fixture. This video will show you what I mean. This has happened multiple times. I then have to delete all of the mapped fixtures and start all over. I have 23 fixtures so it is a bit tedious to have to map out each one again. Also, is there anyway to save all of the devices with their addresses so I don’t have to manually type in each fixture with their address for every Show I create? Thanks for the help!


Thanks for you return, I identified the cause, we need to release a version to fix this.

Thanks for your quick response.:+1:

This is a bug due to iOS 15. Thank you very much for your feedback, this is not normal and as @djgreg13 said we have to fix it quickly !


Photon 2.2.1 was released to fix the issue

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Thank you for fixing it!

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