Midi/3rd Party App linkage - SP107E music controller (LED Chord)

Hi there! I currently use photon 2 for my churches youth room. I am looking to add to my rig by adding some ws2812b individually addressable LED strip lights. Unfortunately these lights do not have any ordinary way to link with photon 2. I bought a SP107E music controller that connects to the strip and allows me to control the lights from my phone with an app called LED Chord. I am wondering if there is a way to link LED chord to Photon 2 somehow so I can have all my lights in one app. Any and all input/advice is appreciated. Thank you!


Good to see other churches using photon :grin:
You could go a different route and add the led tape as dmx. Tell me if ur interested. Than ill google the product i bought.

yes please I would appreciate that!