Midi notes stating on in flash setting

I have a number of songs all programmed via logic. The midi file triggers the lights and it works well. Except I continue to have issues with lights not turning off (on the Live Dashboard) when the notes are programmed to change from one color to another with no overlap. Anyone have any ideas. So far, my work around has been to reach over and turn the live mode off then on again for almost every song. I would prefer to program something into the midi file. Thanks for any help.

I have found that the midi notes have to be a minimum time between them otherwise one of them fails to trigger. I found that you need 30 mili seconds between midi notes.

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I wish I had an answer but actually seem to have a “similar” problem. I also use Logic then send all my stems to Multitracker for my shows. I have presets, etc triggered by specific midi notes. Sometimes, the preset doesn’t trigger when the note plays in Logic but actually triggers when the note stops. Moreover, in the “Live” setting, sometimes the note triggers the icon and it stays lit and other times it only flashes. I feel these are all related but can’t quite figure out how nor how to work through this. Best of luck